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Topic: OT - hooray for new computers!

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    OT - hooray for new computers!


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    Re: OT - hooray for new computers!

    Just be careful, press the wrong button and you could erase the internet
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    Re: OT - hooray for new computers!

    Good luck. Be careful. Be wise. Have enough coffee at hand. Be cautious with screwdrivers, paperclips, staples. Always use earthing material on your wrists. Call Mr. G. Bush for some healthy advice....(uhuhuhuh?!?!?) And don't cause a power breakdown in your neighbourhood.

    Keep smiling


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    Re: OT - hooray for new computers!

    I remember those good old days of DIY electronics. I built several Heathkits "back in the day" starting with my first Ham radio transmitter all the way through a 27" console TV. There's such a rush when you finally push that power switch and it works like it's supposed to.

    Sadly, the ravages of time and the side effects of 25 years of living with diabetes makes DIY projects virtually impossible for me any more. However, I share your excitement as I just bought a new "everything else" computer - just in time! The power supply died on the old HP Pavillion right after I turned the new box on. I ordered a replacemebt PS for the Pavillion as I'm giving it to my son (and grandkids) but he's going to have to do the replacement himself.

    Just take your time and stop when your eyes start to get tired. That's when mistakes happen. And we'll all be waiting for you to return with your new "toy." It's nice to be able to do that.

    Before I forget, although I'm sure you know this already, backup all the data files you'll need in your transfer. I bought a 500 GB USB external HD for $80 from Buy.Com and backed up my entire My Documents folder. Made things a lot smoother in getting the new computer up and running.

    Good luck, Jon.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: OT - hooray for new computers!

    Just remember it is a mouse not a foot pedal.

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    Re: OT - hooray for new computers!

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