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Topic: Best accoustic guitar cd

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    Best accoustic guitar cd

    Does anyone know the top acoustic guitar cd?
    I\'ve heard that \"Pure Guitar\" is one of the best. Would appreciate any input.

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    Re: Best accoustic guitar cd

    Pure sounds great but definitely don\'t ignore the one in the banner ad at the top of this page - Matt Ragan\'s demo sounds unbelievable if you\'re after that style of tone.

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    Re: Best accoustic guitar cd

    The Acoustic Essentials CD has some great and very useful acoustic 6 and 12 strings, with different speeds. The key mapping is great and makes it easy to play lifelike strum patterns. Plus it\'s only 49 bucks.


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    Re: Best accoustic guitar cd

    Test the guitar from Xsample Vol 2. By the way there is also a nice alto sax and a bass flute on the CD. Info and Demo: http://www.xsample.de http://www.bestservice.de


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    Re: Best accoustic guitar cd

    Hi Hoffa,
    to become more information about our \"pure guitars\" library, please check out our download area at www.yellowtools.com. There are three different demos of pure guitars.
    You can also get further information about the gigasampler specials at our product area.
    Hope this may help you :-)


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    Re: Best accoustic guitar cd

    I am considering buying Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass. There may be more variety on it compared with the other CDs that have been mentioned so far.

    I have the Acoustic Essentials CD. The guitars are OK after I adjusted the attack transients to get them to sound better. Strums are good -- I\'ve used them in production. The drums are very good.


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    Re: Best accoustic guitar cd

    The Yellow Tools library is about the best i have heard..there\'s no slapped harmonic and the \'slide\' needs moving (not everyone slides at maximum volume but it still gets my vote

    The Regan demo sounds ok (it\'s about time sample developers hired John McLaughlin to do their demo\'s just not my \'cup of tea\'(be nice to hear it with vocals on top)

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