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Topic: New version of already presented pieces

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    New version of already presented pieces

    Some of you told me to do something about the balance of the instruments.
    In Andante Grazioso the celli and contrabasses weren't clear enough.
    The Elegie lacked enough reverb and violas weren't present.

    So I amended both pieces, forgive me to present them again, but I wanted to satisfy the listeners who commented earlier.


    Andante Grazioso

    I will be off for some weeks in the LR. I have to work on my physical health. Last month I let my blood checked and the result was "only a bit too high sugar level, but you can solve that easily yourself". So I followed a regime to cure that. But I still felt uncomfortable and during the day always tired, sometimes too tired to keep my eyes open.

    So last wednesday I visited the doctor (MD) again and the outcome was, that they'd dictated from the wrong result-sheet. There are lots and lots of things very wrong. Sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, ..... etc. Also I am a bit overweighted. So, to last more years, I'll have to do physical exercises together with some sort of a diet and medication. One thing I hope to happen is that feeling fatigue during the day will disappear.

    The result will be that this young man, must develop stronger muscles, less fat, slim a bit... to go for Mr. Universe.


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    Re: New version of already presented pieces

    Hello Raymond, Just listened to Andante Grazioso (for the first time) and thought it sounded fine. I could hear everything and thought all the ranges were fairly balanced.
    I wanted to wish you good luck on the health issues. I've found one of the down sides of computers and music is that it is so sedentary and I have to find time to compensate with some exercise. It's a long road but definitely important, so stay with it. Maybe you can compose some great new melodies while you are walking. Best regards, John

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    Re: New version of already presented pieces

    I've listened through both of these with much pleasure,
    my friend. These reworks sound quite, quite good to
    my ear... the smoothness and clarity of the Elegie -- a piece
    I like a great deal for the richness and depth of its tenderly
    carried emotion; the Andante, with its lilting, good-natured

    Raymond, do take care of your health. We would very
    much wish to have you with us for many years to come!

    All my best,


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