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Topic: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

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    OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    When my mom was told she had cancer that had metastasized (sp?) and had spread all over, even to her bones, she signed herself into hospice care without any fanfare. The hospital staff told me how sweet she was, that she never complained and was grateful for all their little services and attentions.

    I rushed to the hospital (from Colorado to Massachusetts), my mom knew I was there, open her eyes twice to see me, and then never opened them again. I stayed with her, sleeping on a cot next to her bed, talked to her, telling her anything I could think of that might make her transition easier (I love you and you will always be in my heart, your cat has a new home with a very lovely man, I will be OK, we'll go through this together -- I am going to stay with you all the time, it's OK to go when you feel ready, etc...).

    I have been in Mass. trying to get affairs arranged, which is why I have been scarce -- so much new music up here -- everyone has been busy, evidently! Miss you all!

    I am in Indiana at the moment, where my mom's body will be buried in her family plot tomorrow in a simple service (we had her memorial in Mass.). She was so sharp even on pain medicine, to the end. She planned her own service with her pastor, specifying the hymns she wanted, and said "On top of the hutch in the livingroom is a red Bible my daughter gave me for Christmas a number of years ago, and in that Bible is a little white slip of paper with 4 Bible verses on it, and those are what I want read at my service. (It was actually 3 verses -- but still. Amazing.)

    It was a sacred time for me, to be with her to the end, and I felt a connection with her that was very deep. It felt very important to me to be there in time for her to know I was there with her.

    Sending my love to all of you!
    Love your moms and dads..... and
    Keep writing all that good stuff, my friends.
    I'll re-surface eventually.

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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    May the memory of your mom and your mom's love comfort you. My deepest sympathies in your loss of a loved one. Know that she is always with you watching you through that thin veil that seperates us all from the other side.

    with deepest regrets,
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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    you are an amazing person and i know your mom is very proud of you.

    Death is just a transformation and your mom will be always on your side.

    All my love to you and your family.

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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    So sorry for your loss Karen. Best wishes for you and your family.


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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    I, too, am so sorry for your loss, Karen. May peace be with you.
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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    Sorry for your loss Karen; but glad that you managed to be there and make it so meaningful.

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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008


    My thoughts are with you as you grieve for your mother. I know that her health was an ongoing concern for you, and I'm so glad you were able to be at her side to be such a loving comfort, aide and companion.

    When you feel it's the appropriate time for you, and you're comfortable doing so, I know we all look forward to your return here.


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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Thank you for letting us know.


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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    I'm so sorry to read this news. You and your Family are in my thoughts.

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    Re: OT: KE Peace's mom died July 12, 2008

    It is wonderful that you were able to be at her side. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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