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Topic: Sound Card for a Laptop

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    Sound Card for a Laptop

    Hey all,

    I've been looking into buying an external sound card for my MacBook Pro (correct me if I'm wrong, but the built-in card can't be replaced by conventional means). I've done plenty of Googling, but information on this seems to be all over the place, so I was hoping some veterans would be able to point me in the right direction...

    Basically what I'm looking for is really low latency. Probably no more than 6 ms. I think it's cards with ASIO drivers that deliver low latency, though I could be wrong. I don't need a card with a lot of surround sound support or anything, just something that with latency low enough for me to able to use Garritan sounds in performances or recordings.

    (it's "Cerrabore," by the way; I've posted occasionally but decided to register a new screen name)

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    Re: Sound Card for a Laptop

    Hi Henry,

    ASIO is really a Windows thing. Core Audio on Mac is already pretty fast. Have you played around yet with the buffer setting on your MBP? It should be able to get quick responses at a low sample buffer.

    We can direct you to a proper card, but first we'll need to know if you want any external inputs/mic preamps, how many outputs you'll want, and your budget. As a blanket recommendation, many people get along well with M-audio fast track Pro's.


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    Re: Sound Card for a Laptop

    I am currently using a MacBook Pro and use my M-Audio Fast Track Pro whenever I have to record or play back sound over a professional system. It delivers great sound and handles all of the applications I've had to toss at it so far.
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    Re: Sound Card for a Laptop

    The Fast Track Pro seems to be just about what I'm looking for, and within budget. Thanks for your assistance!

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