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Topic: Greetings

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    Smile Greetings

    Hello everyone. I have the Garritan personal orchestra and Sibelius. I have written scores in Sibelius that I have turned into midi files. Does anyone know how to load the scores into the Kontact player for the Garritan orchestra to play the midi files?

    Thank you.

    (I only later found out that they made a special version of the Garritan that works in Sibelius. I usually get my information from the stores that I buy the software from.)

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    Re: Greetings

    Hi Webern,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum at Northernsounds. Kontakt doesn't load midi files directly. What you'll want to do is connect a virtual midi cable, such as Maple or Midi Yoke, from Sibelius's output, found in the mixer, to Kontakt Player's input. There's a sticky post here, which contains instructions on how to do it. On Mac, it's a wee bit different, but that's also covered on the linked topic.

    What version of Sibelius are you on, by the way? The newer versions have integrated support for all of this.


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    Re: Greetings

    Thanks a lot for the information! My version of Sibelius is 4 and I now with your information it makes upgrading to 5 more appealing even though it is 200 dollars. I am creating a very large scale musical project with singers, story and instrumentation that covers a large range of styles. Of course the classical parts are the most impossible because orchestras are out of reach financially. (singers, string quartets, jazz ensembles are also costly too, yet attainable unlike the orchestra) The ability to make a finished product from the work in Sibelius would be a big positive. I am unfamiliar with things like east-west etc. and with the high cost of software it is unappealing to buy a lot of stuff and then see if you can use it or if it is compatible with your set-up. I use pro-tools for most of the parts that use live humans and being able to morph those worlds smoothly, seamlessly and with minimum cost is a solution that has been difficult to come by on the PC.

    I used to compose on the Amiga in the old days of 1 meg of ram with programs like Bars&Pipes Professional. I must admit that I wish that program were available on the PC today as it was amazing then and with todays hardware capability it would be a complete package.

    Forums like this one are great because you can read a great deal about other peoples experiences and cut corners while offering up your tips and information.

    If anyone would be interested in participating in a big project as a performer and they have pro-tools let me know as the parts are being assigned over the next couple of months.

    Thank you again for your help.

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