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Topic: Don't shop at Sam Ash

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    Don\'t shop at Sam Ash

    I ordered the Conexant 500MB sound library from Sam Ash in december and I still have not received it! I highly recommend you avoid purchasing from them at all costs. It\'s bad enough that they have completely uninformed employees, but to lose an order and then ignore it is unacceptable. They blame their distributor Thinkware, who also sound like a bunch of geniuses, for the problem, but I doubt they are the only ones to blame. I am going to avoid these companies as best I can and warn everyone not to shop there.

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    Re: Don\'t shop at Sam Ash

    Dude, pick up the phone and call their asses! That\'s ridiculous. Get your money back.

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    Re: Don\'t shop at Sam Ash

    December ?????

    Geezz that sucks big time... totally unacceptable whatever the reason in my book, get your money back, get on that phone and give \'em hell !

    10 work days should be largely enough, if you don\'t have it don\'t advertise it or mark it as being back order,if you know it\'s back order and still order it then it\'s on you, if it is not marked as being back order, to not inform your costumer is just plain bad business... (did that just make sense ?)

    Franky. www.vintaudio.com

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