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Topic: The Trumpet - for section orchestral work

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    Question The Trumpet - for section orchestral work

    Hello "The Trumpet" users,

    Can you use this VSTi to create 3 part orchestral trumpet section parts? Do you need to open (3) instances of it to do this? I'm assuming if any parts get doubled, there would be pahsing, since it is only one trumpet instrument, correct?

    I'm getting ready to buy it instead of the WIVI for my orchestral mock-ups, but do need something to create multiple parts.

    Thanks Everyone,

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    Re: The Trumpet - for section orchestral work

    The Trumpet can do orchestral sections. There are 3 different trumpet instruments just for this purpose. You only need to load one instance which has 16 instrument slots. The Trumpet sounds more realistic to my ears than the WIVI french horns that I also use.


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