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Topic: Giga to Kontakt library rebuilding

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    Giga to Kontakt library rebuilding

    So clearly there's about to be a gradual exodus of format among our brethren (and "sisteren"). It's a sad exodus, as many of us have developed a well-oiled working method over a course of years. But, flexibility has always been our strength in this biz.

    I've read many a thread that describe only very minor attributes lost in translation (extended ranges, etc.). Doesn't sound to bad.

    1 - - Has anyone had experience translating (with Kontakt or Chickensys) very large (several hundred gigs) libraries with several embedded levels of hierarchy within directories (folders within folders within folders) as a batch? Does it come out looking anything like the original database?

    2 - - Are the resulting libraries a similar size, (regarding their ability to reference the same sample groups)?
    Box 1: G5 dual 1.8, Tiger, DP5, motu424, Kontakt 3
    Box 2: Windows XP (32-bit) (Pentium 4, 320 GHz, 2G-RAM) running Gigastudio3 ONLY!
    Box 3: Windows XP (64-bit) Core duo quad (q6600), 4gb ram (667 Micron) running various VI-s
    Connections: Midi-Over-LAN, Gina-16s

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    Re: Giga to Kontakt library rebuilding

    Translation from GS3 to K2 works pretty well.
    All the keyszones, crossfades and usualy RR remains intact.
    The gruops are sometimes a bit messy, but they are all played back the way they should be.

    THe big difference is that kontakt creates some weird velocity and modulation curves, that needs to either be turned off in the case of velocity (it varies) and replaced in the mod sections, like for crossfades etc.

    Also, the release times seem to be generic, in the sense that they are "rounded" up or down to a standard setting, at least thats my impression since all the different GS libs seem to have the same release time settings in kontakt.

    No big hassle, altho...usualy every pathc or program needs to be adjusted and resaved to get a correct rebuild of the library.

    thats my experience anyways, it might not be valid for every scenario.

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    Re: Giga to Kontakt library rebuilding

    All conversion tools will do a good job for simple samples and libraries. But for big major libs like VSL or Sonivox Symphonic, you will need a lot of programming to preserve all functionalities.

    I spoke with a developer of Samplelord to see how they could add some new features in next releases to have a real alternative to play huge giga sample libs.

    This might be an interesting alternative if they decide to go this way...

    We will see...
    Nicolas Roy

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