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Topic: Un Pepy la Fils (Piano Solo Version)

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    Un Pepy la Fils (Piano Solo Version)

    A couple of years ago, I wrote this after being impressed by a pair of dancers that I watched from backstage while doing some work for American Ballet Theater. It was originally for trumpet, with piano and/or guitar accompaniment. Lately, it seemed a good idea to create a piano solo version so I could play it. So here it is, and I still don't know how a dancer would react to it.

    Un Pepy la Fils (Piano solo)

    It is a paso doble of about 5 minutes length, created with Sonar and Fatar keyboard.


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    Re: Un Pepy la Fils (Piano Solo Version)


    Nice arrangement.

    Your skills on the piano are way past mine.

    Well done

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    Re: Un Pepy la Fils (Piano Solo Version)

    Other than being perhaps a little quick in places for
    the standard moves of more classical choreography,
    Richard, I doubt this would present any problems for
    dance; surely not for modern dance troupes!

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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