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Topic: Apex

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    I decided to try something new and write a piece that involves just saxophones, piano, guitar, and drums. It was a fun piece for me to create as it was in essentially a new style to me. Comments are welcome.

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    Re: Apex

    C J

    The best pieces I have composed are the ones I have fun with. It does sound like you had fun with this one.

    Just one minor thing and it is just my personal preference. The rest of the mix sounds right, but the piano seems to be drowning in reverb. A little brighter sound with it might help out overall.

    Just my humble opinion.

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    Re: Apex

    Hi - This sounds like a great piece, however, I am having difficulty hearing the music it as it sounds like it was recorded in a very big concrete gym that is not at all conducive to music. I would suggest toning down the reverb to a much smaller room (club or small concert hall) and then updating the file link.

    thanks again for sharing! - Del
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    Re: Apex

    A doff of the cap and a "well done!" on the writing and
    the arranging, CJ. Solid work.

    I think I might tighten down the reverb a bit, though.
    While I know you were shooting for a "large" sound --
    especially in the first part, it seems maybe a little
    too large... lol.

    Big rooms are tough to do -- I can never get them
    right. But I've been told by them who know what
    they're doing that it's more a matter of how long
    the reverb is, than how much you use. Make sense?

    Nice work on this, my friend... liked it.

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Apex

    C J,

    In order to achieve the apex you seem to want approaching it from several idiomatic species while using the same instrumentation may help to concentrate the final scene.

    Good Luck,

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