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Topic: which version of GPO?

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    which version of GPO?

    I have Jabb and want to pick up GPO and CMB too. I see GPO is up to a version three that has an ambient reverb. Since I intend to utilize the libraries together for some projects, would I be better off getting version 2 of GPO? Would it be a better blend with JABB and CMB with all dry samples?



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    Re: which version of GPO?

    Hi Mikul,

    GPO has been recorded dry and should blend fine with Jazz and Big Band and the Concert Band libraries. Ambience Reverb is a reverb plug-in that has been included with GPO since its original release. You can use it inside a sequencer (or any other program capable of loading VST plugins) to add its reverb effect to any audio track, including those from GPO, JABB, and CoMB.

    Version 3 of GPO, as well as the Concert Band and the latest version of JABB, ships with the Kontakt Player 2 interface. This gives you a unified place to load all your samples.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: which version of GPO?

    Thanks, Reegs.

    Sounds like Version 3 is the one to get. The JABB I have has Kontakt 2, so I am set with that already. Does JABB have the ambience reverb plug in too? If so, I have been missing it!



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    Re: which version of GPO?

    I just found the plugin section. I had been using the plugins in Sonar, not knowing some were available in Kontakt too. Thanks for the tip!


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    Re: which version of GPO?

    I use the plugins in Sonar as they are much more CPU efficient than the Ambience reverb plugin.


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