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Topic: Confused about Garritan/Kontakt Player

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    Confused about Garritan/Kontakt Player

    I am installing older versions of GPO and JABB to my new Mac Pro OS 10.5.4. I've done all updates NI shows, and am running vs. 2.2.4 of Kontakt 2 Player.

    GPO appears in Kontakt 2 Player browser, but JABB doesn't. JABB will open in standalone and play properly. Neither GPO or JABB shows up as an option as a plug-in in Digital Performer, tho both appear in the Library/Audio/Components folder.

    I'm guessing that we're supposed to use Kontakt Player for everything now, and that there is a way to make it see JABB, but I can't figure out how.

    Any assistance very gratefully appreciated!

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    Re: Confused about Garritan/Kontakt Player

    Hi Jon,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds.
    It sounds to me like you're still using the KP1 version of JABB. If that's the case, there's a free upgrade available to JABB-KP2 on the Native Instruments website. Simply log in and look under updates to request a serial number for it and download the installer.

    GPO is showing up and loading properly within the KP2 browser, correct?


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    Re: Confused about Garritan/Kontakt Player

    Hi Reegs--

    Thanks for the quick response. I did find the Kontakt 2 installer, and now both JABB and GPO show up, very nice.

    Actually, now I have another problem of a similar nature. I am trying to do the same process with Big Fish First Call Horns. I downloaded the similar Kontakt 2 installer. But when I run it, the installer crashes every time. I've emailed Big Fish and NI, but I wonder if you have any insight?

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