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Topic: Happy with Galaxy II

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    Thumbs up Happy with Galaxy II

    Just downloaded Galaxy II DE last night and I feel like I just discovered a treasure!

    Just did a recording and I'd like to share it. As usual, I'm not sure about sound levels, etc. You guys are the experts so...

    XVI (Piano Solo)

    Now I can't wait for the Garritan Steinway download to be available! I'd like to try that too!



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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II


    that is truly beautiful work. Is this your own composition? I really enjoyed listening to it and appreciate your posting it....

    Am I listening to the GII Bosendorfer? I'm reading that it is the best Bos sample out there. Have you played anything with the Bluthner Baby G yet?

    fat & flat
    a casual observer and acquirer of digital piano samples

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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II

    Hi Nhick,

    Very nice and full sound.

    But also very beautiful and melancholic music!
    I really like the harmonies you play and the flowing changes in tempo.
    Has a lot in common with the slower pieces of Keith Jarrett.

    Did you compose it or improvise it?



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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II

    Thank you for your gorgeous composition! I haven't enjoyed contemporary music the way I enjoyed your piece for a very long while. You made my day!

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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II

    Wow. Very beautiful. I for one, would love to have a midi file of this. It would be a perfect test file for trying piano sounds because it is more in the style of how I would like to play. i.e. not straight classical not standard jazz etc,.

    best regards


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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II

    That's a really beautiful song. I like the melancholic mood very much. Hope you enjoy playing our Galaxy.
    Best regards,
    Klaus Baetz

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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II

    Very Nice Indeed. Nice pedalling also.
    Brotha' Man Klaus, You guys did a great job on having the pedal noise w/ damper down barely noticable.

    Thanks for not ruining the recording by bathing it in a cheap sounding reverb. The slight use of ambience was very natural sounding.

    Brotha' Man Nhick, keep posting for us. And by all means find a piano w/ the sostenuto pedal that functions. I would die to hear that Manhattan style playing of yours w/ all pedals.

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    Re: Happy with Galaxy II

    Hi Nhick!

    What a wonderful and touching piece of music!

    And your playing is just gorgeous!

    The piano sounds very nice. I think you will love the Steinway too, or even more!

    I listened to some more of your compositions on your site: pure delight!

    Thanks for posting,


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