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Topic: Realising String Articulations - Help Needed!

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    Question Realising String Articulations - Help Needed!

    Hi everyone -

    I have been lurking at the forum for some time now and gained much useful
    insight into realising my scores using GPO. Thank you to all contributors!
    (Please see my personal website below if you are interested in the results).
    I now have a specific issue with which I need help, hence my first post.
    I have recently begun to follow some of the string masterclass tutorials
    to improve string realism, primarily by layering and humanising the individual
    violin player instuments (Gag, Strad, etc). The issue is that some of the
    articulations that were previously available to me when using the
    keyswitched sectional samples are not available as individual instrument
    samples. eg, pizz, con sord, etc (I realise pizz is available for the "solo"
    player). The situation becomes even more restricted with the lower register
    strings where I am trying to build 9 player sections from 3 original instruments.
    So my questions are:-
    a) What is the best way to go from my composing environment (Sib 5.2) to
    my production environment (Cubase 4.1) without downgrading the string
    quality by losing the nuances of articulation playback?
    b) How are others working around these apparent limitations of the individual
    player samples?
    c) I recently bought the full Kontakt 2 and am learning my way around it. As
    I believe the player samples are based on the "solo" instruments, is there
    any way to "reverse engineer" eg the solo keyswitch instruments to obtain
    the individual player articulations required?
    d) Lastly, I am aware that the other Garritan string libraries have been
    withdrawn from sale and may be relaunched. Is it known if any
    new product will address these limitations and when it may be available?
    Many thanks to all of you who have got to the bottom of this post!
    Any help or comments would be much appreciated. Regards.

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