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Topic: Last day of the SampleTekk groupbuy!

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    Last day of the SampleTekk groupbuy!

    Today, the 31:st, it's the last day of our groupbuy. 50% off on everything!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Last day of the SampleTekk groupbuy!


    thanks for this fantastic offer; i already ordered quite a bit but would like more :-) if there is still time 3 quick questions:

    - 7CG 24 bit vs 16 bit version - any sonic differences? would you use the 16
    bit version only for life playing or is it also nice enough for recording?
    - is it the date of order that counts or when you receive the money (in other words: if i orde and pay NOW via e-banking this means you will get the money only in a few days, but would this still fall in the groupbuy conditions?)
    - is there a way to get kornels and xaviers etc scripts? i tried hard to find it on the net, but mezomusic seems to be down?


    best regards


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    Re: Last day of the SampleTekk groupbuy!

    never mind, i answered myself..
    - 24 vs 16bit: thanks for your mail!
    - just ordered 7cg and wg
    - found all the scripts for the rest



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