Bela D Bass | Power Signature

Heavily influenced by the present tone, attack and aggressive playing style of Geddy Lee, Bela D Bass exemplifies the significance of true power and attitude expected from a sampled rock bass.

In search of unique category of MIDI composer!

1. You must be a fan of RUSH and be extremely familiar with their music and sound.
2. You must be able to compose high-end MIDI tracks in vein of their modern work. See RUSH link on line 1.
3. You must use Kontakt 2/3

If you are this person and are interested, please submit your finest RUSH style track and allow us to audition it. From there, we will select one person for the gig.

1. Be certain that the Mp3 contains your full name
2. Upload your Mp3
3. Contact us after uploading

Upload Mp3

Thank you NS,
Bela D