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Topic: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

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    Thumbs up Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]


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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Hi Michael,
    Fantastic counterpoint, and the sound,
    neo-baroque with flavour of Silvius Leopold Weiss,
    may be due to the sound of Independence Free guitar?
    Like the the Girl Reborn? I liked it so much

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Pablo, and yes, it's Yellow Tools Independence Free guitar! It's an amazingly expressive instrument. Right now I am thinking about transposing and remapping a few samples to make its range stretch another octave up to see if it's going to sound too unnatural or not.
    By the way, I listened to your piano vsti. I like the way it sounds without huge reverb like in the 3rd example, and if you are going to add two more dynamic layers (which you are if I got your right) then it'll be a pretty impressive instrument. I am very curious of its progress.

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    I like your work because it is really a work! A happy work.
    Not only "inspiration" , there is also a deep reflexion, a very sensitive
    way to capture the best of "less is more", equilibrated feeling,
    no "romantic" paroxystic XIX century way, no baroque pastiche,
    no pathos, but very touching music, at least for me.
    About my piano, I have 2 samplesets, one in 16 bits 44.1 khz and 6 layers,
    the second in 24 bits 44.1 and 8 layers.
    I will work in remapping and test the second option the next weeks,
    and I hope to have a new version around the end of August, and may be make the same demos in V2, both on one page to listen in comparison.
    Music like Keith Jarrett or Chick Corea without reverb is a suicide,
    but Rachmaninov or Satie is ok
    Maybe a Chopin or Bach variations? I will see
    Best wishes

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Dear Pablo,
    I was charmed, flattered, thankful and proud to read your comment! I am especially happy that in our post-modern age when unity of art forms seems to be falling apart I met another one of the very, very few people who seem to value that integrity and wholeness. Besides, thanks to you I know what to answer those who accuse me of going along a beaten track. I liked your saying about "paroxysm of XIX century romantic style" ) Over the years I learned that only when our momentary emotions stop being a spot before our eyes and go, the way for our true feelings can be open. This is a point where "feeling" and "knowing" becomes kind of the same.
    Thank you from all my heart,

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Hello Michael:
    Feeling and knowing becomes the same..
    I invite you to listen some kind of "Arabian-Jewish" suite,
    I made it or a film, only around feelings and not having any
    knowledge about rythms or specific flavours, only intuitions.
    I made it only about dreams and remembering Panait Istrati,
    from the ages when Orient was a whole, a very dreaming concept.
    That is a little old now, from early 2004, made with several freewares,
    and a old Emagic-Logic in a old PC .
    Greetings, I have the Girl Reborn bookmarked.
    My best wishes

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Excellent piece of work with expression, sensitivity and everything. It actually sounds like the real instrument is being played by a human. Overcoming that barrier is huge. Keep going with this!

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Thank you very much, garnvik. I'm glad you liked it.

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    I agree, for me El-Russo is one of of my favorite composers here in NS,
    and a very kind and sensible person, and human being, I feel that in
    his counterpoint...

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    Re: Trio Fantasia [by el-russo]

    Hello Michael:
    I'm glad to support your music, and your integrity,
    far from modes or hype, straight out of your soul,
    and with a very heavy dose of reflexion, study and
    above all, a serious work!
    Short pieces, very condensed, but real music,
    played with harpsichord, guitar or lute, that still
    as very sincere product from your heart.
    Again, sorry about my bad english

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