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Topic: Thor II

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    Thor II

    After reviewing the comments of two years ago about Thor, I realized that it needed to grow a bit. So I added about two minutes, it now seems more complete. The first three minutes are unchanged.

    Thor II

    The mp3 was made using GPO organ with Sonar.

    Tempo change and registration changes are minimally stated. However, I expect any organist capable of playing this will freely register according to the capablilities of the instrument and artistic temperament.


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    Re: Thor II

    Wow - Heavy stuff! Cannot say if I heard the first part of this 3 years ago but I certainly have heard it now. I was on the edge of my seat - Great drama and tension here. First time I have heard you on pipe organ. On first listen I thought the ending was a bit abrupt but on listening again, I thought it was fine and suited the piece.

    Thanks for sharing Richard!

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Thor II

    I don't recall hearing the earlier version of this, Richard --
    perhaps it was before my time -- so I can't compare to

    But Del really hit it -- the high drama's so high it's
    orbital, and the tension's so thick you couldn't cut it
    with a chainsaw. Once again, your organ work
    impresses... and if notably and notefully Wayland,
    seems to take on quite a different attitude!

    My best,


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