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Topic: Soundtrack: HOLY WAR in the orient

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    Soundtrack: HOLY WAR in the orient

    i composed a soundtrack for a fictional Battlescene in a holy war between the crusaders and the muslims but from the muslims view.
    The Music was added with soundtrack.

    listen to this here:

    trackname: cineastic track A B (holy war)
    A: preparing for the battle
    B: bloody battle begins

    Feedback would be nice :-)



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    Re: Soundtrack: HOLY WAR in the orient

    It's very 'atmospheric' and has the exitement of 'going into battle'. I can envisage it in certain video games, though it would be just as effective in an 'epic movie' I think.

    Did you use GPO for the majority of your orchestration?

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    Re: Soundtrack: HOLY WAR in the orient

    Very interesting. I like the percussions.
    What sample lib did you use?
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Soundtrack: HOLY WAR in the orient

    Hello, your work is very interesting for me , I like so much the mix between
    electronica and ethnic moods, there is some percussions sounds in your work really oustanding for me. There is very strange things in the world
    of music: you are from Korea, growing in Germany, I'm born in Chile,
    and I spent most of my life in France.
    Please listen to this:
    The subject is the war in beginning XX century between turkish and english to have the control of the so called Holyland, no point of view,
    the film was about that Holy War too, in the Lawrence of Arabia era.
    That is the last theme, the epic thing. Is likely the same subject!
    I don't want to disturb your post, but I can't resist.
    I think there is some common points, even if I think your work is
    more achieved than mine, and I want to show my respect.
    Again, sorry about my poor english
    Bravo to you!

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