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Topic: Anyone Work With Loops?

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    Anyone Work With Loops?

    I'm curious to know if many are interested in and use either Acid, Apple, and/or REX2 loops? If so, would many be interested in having high quality jazz, blues, rock, and rockabilly loops? If you use loops, I'm also interested in knowing what looping application programs you use... Acid, Logic, Reason, Garageband, Cinescore, or do you like using the looping capabilities in programs such as Cubase, Samplitude, Pro Tools, etc., with audio file segments?

    I'm really interested in trying to get a feel for this market.

    Thank you,

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Anyone Work With Loops?

    I never use loops. Doesn't work with how I compose.

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    Re: Anyone Work With Loops?

    Rex2 loops in Stylus RMX are incredibly handy. You can't go wrong with that format.

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    Re: Anyone Work With Loops?

    I have done and still use loops in certain things, I also use Stylus RMX and Apple Loops.

    Though I do prefer to do things from scratch when I can.

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    Re: Anyone Work With Loops?

    I like Rex loops within RMX too-not just drum loops- but actually I almost prefer an open audio format.

    That way I can just grab whole folders of loops and make them into an exs24 instrument which I can play very intuitively within Logic. This works in RMX's Groove mode too but exs24 is faster (especially with loading times I think) & more flexible to edit IMO.

    So I would say Rex is a great user base to sell to, but wav or aiff, especially if acidised/apple loop tagged, is great too.

    More than the format, the musical quality and flexiblity of the loops is the main selling point. Intros, endings, elements which can be used in different ways make the loops more valuable.



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