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Topic: New Composer

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    New Composer

    My first composer post:
    Not native english speaking... (Much better Spanish or French)
    I've created an account in NS.net, I have already an account in NS.com,
    I believed that was the same thing, but not.
    My name here is Atacama, the chilean desert. and I was posting here
    about developing process concerning a new cheap VSTi piano.
    But, my name in NS.net is Pablo, my only and real frist name,
    a music composer and jazz player.
    I will try to make that clear in NS accounts
    May be that is normal, I only want to offer my music for everyone and
    receive critics and averything you can say about.
    Now I want to present for you a film score named "Desert Songs",
    I made that in early 2004.
    There is 45 minutes of music.
    Now I presents only a four pieces suite.
    The context is Lawrence of Arabia and Turkish Ottoman people
    in a desert war, with muslim and jewish people sharing the life in the holy land.

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    Re: New Composer

    Hi Atacama,

    I very much enjoyed your compositions. Lots of unique transitions in here between World, Electronic, and western music style. I haven't heard anything like this before.

    Do you have any more recent music online?

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    Re: New Composer

    Thanks Freakmode:
    The links in NS.com are wrong, in my site in NS.net there is
    4 compositions, extracted from a film score made in 2004.
    The four pieces are some kind of suite.
    Now i'm working in a piece in string quartet form,
    I'm making that with the new Solo Strings from
    Kirk Hunter, then this can be interesting in the Samples forum too.
    I will upload another world-fusion piece, and a tango like.
    My music always reveals my origins a little.

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