Using Finale 2009 with the ARIA player.

The ABOUT section on the Aria player shows "additional information about the Aria player and the impact of your computer's resources." (that's all I can find out from the manual, and there seems to be no info whatsoever relating to Aria at the Garritan site ...)

How does this relate to what I can or can not do given the capability of my computer (2 GB RAM). And what would the correct (or most useful) settings be in the sections that can be adjusted, such as:

Pre Caching (now at 32 Kb)
Quality: now normal hermite (what's this?)
International: 440 (well, that's obvious enough)
Inst. Poly: now at 32

The other settings I see are:

Sample Rate: 44100
BSize (cur): 588
BSize (max): 588

RAM LOOP: 0.00
RAM STRM: 35.22
RAM TOTAL: 44.39
DYN MAX: now at 256 MB (this can also be adjusted)

- and what does all that mean?

Basically it plays fine as long as I just let it play. With HP on it seems to crash very quickly if I stop and start (at another place in the score), or fast forward/rewind.

Any information and/or suggestions would be much appreciated.