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Topic: Sample Suggestions

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    Sample Suggestions

    Need to make some purchases and I am sick and tired of wasting money on substandard libraries.

    Can anyone recommend sources for the following instruments?

    Stand Up Bass

    Also what is the difference between London Orchestral Percussion and Ultimate Orchestral Percussion? If I were going to buy just one, which one should it be?

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    There is a very nice Celeste by Xsample. It\'s on the volume that has the harp as the main instrument.

    I wouldn\'t, though, recomend buying it just for the Celeste - the harp is sublime, and you get a tasty psalter thrown in.

    There are a couple or three great stand up basses to choose from but I don\'t own any yet so I wouldn\'t weant to comment.

    As for sax, I think this is an instrument that just doesn\'t lend itself well to sampling at all. For a great sax (outside of a real sax) the only things I\'ve heard that seem to work are physical models (and then you really have to use breath input to get some sax \'character\' - so you\'re kind of back to square one).

    But Xsample also have a sax sample that sounds good in the demo, so you might want to check it out.

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    Who distributes the X-Sample series? Website?

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    Producer: www.xsample.de
    Distr: www.bestservice.de and others

    Hans-Jozef from XSample is also sometimes on this forum.


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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wacky:
    Who distributes the X-Sample series? Website?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I bought mine at www.soundsonline.com

    Sorry, I can\'t remember the \'official\' website, but the developer(s) are on this forum and I\'m sure they\'ll chime in when they see your interest.

    Bear in mind that soundsonline often have huge disounts, so if you\'re not desperate, wait until they have a sale on - you can sometimes get 30% or more off the price.

    They may also have demos there (can\'t remember), but the official website has the demos better organized, so that you can hone in on your interest.

    You could try http://www.bestservice.de/
    for demos (not sure if this is the official site or not).

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    Ahhhh, the Xsample harp is by far a fantastic sample to have. Worth having just buy itself for the price .

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    As for the Xsample one with the concert harp and celeste, www.soundchaser.com has it for $125.

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    What about Orchestral Percussion? LOP or UOP? What is the difference? I really want it to be excellent sonically (with plenty of low frequency content), at least 4 velocity levels. The pitched percussion should be chromatically sampled.

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    Thanks guys.

    Any drawbacks to LOP? How are the Timpani\'s? The Gran Cassa\'s?

    In other words, I just heard the demo on Big Fish and I didn\'t hear alot of Bass Frequencies in the G.C. and the Timp. Granted, if they were recorded properly it will be easy to bring this frequencies out with EQ but I just wasn\'t hearing them on the demo.

    Furthermore, the repeated Timpani notes on the demo sound like samples. i.e. - they sound choppy and unreal, like the exact same sound is repeating. Gary found a creative solution to this problem on GOS. Another solution would be to have 16 velocity levels like the snares. Do the Timpani\'s in LOP have 16 velocity levels like the snares? How many velocity levels do the G.C.\'s have?

    Are the timpanis (like the Glock) chromatically sampled?

    Is there key switching between articulations?

    If the Timpani\'s and G.C.\'s do not have 16 velocity levels, do they at least have alternate hits at given dynamic levels to avoided the dreaded \"repeated note\" syndrome which can destroy the realism of an entire piece?

    Also how would you guys compare the Garritan Gigaharp to the XSample?

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    Re: Sample Suggestions

    Don\'t forget to download the brass and timp libraries from Maarten-they are very usable libraries for a very reasonable price ($0.00!)

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