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Topic: Standalone + Garageband? Argh!

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    Standalone + Garageband? Argh!


    I'm not an idiot, but I have sure felt like one for the past 2 hours or so...

    Experienced musician, sampler newbie. I just got a Macbook, 2.4, 2G RAM. I have been wanting to try out two Garritan packages: Virtual Grand Piano and JABB, that I had gotten previously. I don't currently own a sequencer (gotta make these purchases one at a time...). I'm going to get a more legit setup eventually, but for the moment I just want to hear a midi file played using the Garritan instruments, if possible.

    Long story short, from my couple of hours online searching, it looks like I should be able to do this with Garageband. I found a couple of great tutorials that show how to do this, but here's where I'm stumped: I get to the part where they say to click the "Instrument Generator" in Garageband and select the Kontakt player, and it's not listed there.

    Okay, so dumb question, but do I have to own the full Kontakt program to get this to work? Why isn't it showing up?


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    Re: Standalone + Garageband? Argh!


    From the title of your post I assume that you have kontakt running in Standalone mode AND you have Garageband open.

    This is not neccesary.

    Just open Garageband, and then open the Garritan Plugins.

    Also, are you sure you installed the Audio Unit version of the plug in?

    I am not an active Garageband user, however these hints may help you.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Standalone + Garageband? Argh!

    Quote Originally Posted by jaydeejd View Post
    do I have to own the full Kontakt program to get this to work?

    No you don't. Did you also install NI's Service Center when you installed the plugins? That would take care of updates automatically when you open it up.

    Did you install the Audio Unit versions? You can look on your mac under Library/Audio/Plugins/Components to check that they are there.

    Otherwise, just create a new Software Instrument track in GB, go to Track Info on the right, click on the little triangle at the bottom next to "details" and you should see "Generator" with a drop down menu. Is that where you have been looking?



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    Re: Standalone + Garageband? Argh!

    Thanks for the two replies so far.

    I didn't mean to imply that I had both programs open, I was just trying to say that the only version of Kontakt that I own is the standalone thing that comes with Garritan libraries, as opposed to the full Kontakt sampler program. I didn't know if that mattered.

    Although I did install it as a standalone, yes, I did also install it as an Audio Unit. In fact, I've got two items in the folder you mentioned: Garritan Jazz.component, and VirtualPiano.component.

    I have done the proper steps regarding making a new instrument, etc. When I get to the "Instrument Generator," only three items are available in the Audio Units section: AUAudioFilePlayer, AUNetReceive, and DLSMusicDevice.

    The only thing I haven't done is NI's Service Center. I'm not avoiding it, I just haven't gotten around to that. It is legitimately my software, but at the moment I'm under the "30 days" thing until I finish the process. I'll try to finish that and see if it changes anything here.

    Until then, any further ideas appreciated!

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    Re: Standalone + Garageband? Argh!

    Hi.I don't have either..But you could try and trash the >plist for GB if it has one.. Then open it and see if you have the generator you want..JON

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