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Topic: Christmas Fugue

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    Christmas Fugue

    Here is another short selection from the video "Yesterday's Hello." It is the back ground for the children finding and opening their packages on Christmas morning. In the middle of the sequence the mother goes to the Nativity scene on the mantle and removes wrappings that have carelessly fallen and covered it up (a reminder of what the day is really supposed to be all about).

    The instrumentation is 2 solo violins, 1 solo viola, 1 solo cello, 1 solo double bass, 1 solo trumpet and 1 solo French horn.

    My sequencer has completely died. The Cubase LE will no longer import MIDI files for mixing, will not recognize Garritan samples; and Overture4 can only save as midi or wav, not MP3. So the files may be too long for some to download. Also I have no way to edit volume, tempo, etc., so it's a crude representation. But at least you can get an idea of what I had in mind.


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    Re: Christmas Fugue

    Hey Tom,

    I share your sentiments on Christmas; seems to get lost within the churning advertisements and the rush to get in line at Walmart.

    Very energetic and lively representation of your scene. The music fits your description very well. Great job! I know this type of writing is definitely not the easiest.

    As for your MP3 problem, you could always download a Wav. to Mp3 converter software program ... ?


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    Re: Christmas Fugue

    Sorry to hear about your technical tribulations, Tom.
    But I must say you've done a fine job surmounting them...
    a strong, listenable rendering, overall.

    My compliments on excellent workmanship in the writing
    of this, as well. Very well done, my friend!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Senior Member Tom_Davis's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Ellendale, ND

    Re: Christmas Fugue

    Thank you, Michael and David. Your comments are much appreciated.

    I too found that writing the exciting flurry of notes while finding a way to include the Christmas element, a bit of a challenge

    Technically things are only getting worse. Ergo, I am going ahead with the new dual core 8 gig RAM system. To that I will add Finale 8009. I have not yet decided on which sequencer to get - perhaps cakewalk sonar?

    I have found that I can load the music .wav into premier7 and edit the general volume along with the movie soundtrack. One does what one must.

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