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Topic: authorize GPO without internet connection

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    authorize GPO without internet connection

    The machine I want to install GPO on is not connected to the internet. I do have access to another machine with an internet connection. Can I some way log into my account on NI and transfer the information needed to authorize the new library with a usb dongle or something like that?

    Do I need to install the service center on the computer I use to access the interent, even though it is not the one with GPO on it, or can I just log into my account once on the NI site and obtain the authorization that way?



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    Re: authorize GPO without internet connection

    Use the Service Center to do an off-line authorization. SC creates an authorization request file, which you transfer to your internet computer, where you send it to NI (You don't need SC on the internet computer). NI then returns to you an authorization file, that you transfer to your GPO computer and import into SC. Voila - authorization done.

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    Re: authorize GPO without internet connection

    Thanks, Nickie!


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