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Topic: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

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    Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    Hello all!

    Over the last couple of days I've been digging through as many brass libraries as I can find, sketching out an upgrade path that may never actually happen. Anyhow, when looking for convincing trumpets one name kept coming up, "The Trumpet", but I'd heard the demos before and (as a fairly good trumpet player myself, (sorry, trumpet egoism)) I was quite unconvinced by anything other than it's representation of the trumpet style known as the "let it all hang out" (see "Oktoberfest" and "Bukowina"), but recently I've heard some very sophisticated jazz demos in their listening section, demos that could easily be passed off as legit, even to another skeptical trumpet player.

    What I'd like to hear is something like the opening of the first movement of Mahler 5 sequenced with "The Trumpet" (for solo purposes), or the section soli in the Williams' "Raiders March".

    Essentially, I'd just like to hear the instrument within the confines of a traditional symphony orchestra, to get a feel for what it sounds like when used in the manner I would most use it in.


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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    I'll try to take care of the Mahler 5th opening solo trumpet line for you. "The Trumpet" is very capable of handling traditional orchestral trumpet playing, IMHO. I really must say that this instrument is a true joy to use. I just have to finish some work and I'll try to post it up for you.


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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    Outstanding, thank you! Just out of curiousity, will you be using a breath controller or straight cc11 inputs?

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    No problem Viper. I'll use Breath Controller....with hand tweaks after. I'll have it online tomorrow.

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    Here is the intro solo line from Mahler's 5th using "The Trumpet." I did this in about 6-7 minutes. Played the line in by hand and used a breath controller. Then I did some minor tweaking in cubase. One instance of altiverb with the Konzerthaus IR was used....no further processing.


    I hope you enjoy it.

    All the best,

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    Ron - do you use the breath controller as you are playing live or go back over your recorded notes?

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    Tim, I use the breath controller live...then go back and adjust the curves by hand to correct any areas I'm not pleased with.

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"


    Nice work. What a bro to accomodate Viper's request so quickly.

    Viper, we're lucky to have such a great group of people here!

    Mr. A.
    Nuendo 3/ Cubase 4.5 on XP sp2 QuadCore 2.66 Ghz VisionDaw Built DAW RME HDSP 96/52 into ProTools HD3 (digi192x6) on MacPro 3 Ghz... Farm PCs x (6) VisionDaw Machines PC Dual 2.66 Ghz w- Kontakt 3.5 w/ UAD Cards Midi Over Lan

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    No kidding; Nicely done, Artinro: it sounds quite plausible - though I must admit that I might have played a few notes a little differently myself . Thanks for the rapid turnaround, I'm very impressed, both in the playing and the library, and yes Anxiety, we are lucky to have such an outstanding community here.

    Just out of curiousity Artinro, how difficult would you guess that it would be to replicate that performance without the breath controller? Since I don't have one (nor do I have $90 to drop!), how usable is it without one?

    (I guess that after this the only thing left before I'm totally convinced that I should scrape and scrounge $240 is to hear what it does with the big "fanfare" trumpet section sound!)

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    Re: Request for owners of "The Trumpet"

    Viper and Mr. A,
    Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was my distinct pleasure to do this. I highly recommend this instrument and consider it to be a revolutionary product.

    Viper, it would be quite easy to replicate the performance without a breath controller. I only use the breath controller to create a first-pass, general impression of the curve I'm looking for. I always go back and tweak by hand...and this is where all the detail is anyway.

    Incidentally...the developers, Giorgio Tommasini & Peter Siedlaczek were kind enough to offer to host the file on their server. So the new link for the file is:


    All the best,

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