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Topic: FREE : Proteus VX

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    Smile FREE : Proteus VX

    News!! EMU has release the Proteus VX (VSTi) version With their Composer pro sound bank..
    Very nice..
    Since Tascam has pulled the p[lug on Giga, the Emulator X3stands to gain . Alsong with EMU releasing their entire "Legacy" harware synth and Sampler sound set in Software form! As well as , their Ensoniq sound set as well.. This is some good stuff folks..


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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    So, once you've signed up for the newsletter, how do you go about downloading Proteus VX?

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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    You'll get an email to confirm your subscription to the newsletter. Click the enclosed link and you'll find the download link at the bottom of the page it opens.

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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    Gee, they don't make that easy, do they. I never would have thought to go through (what looked like) an e-mail address change to get to the link.
    Thanks for the assist.

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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    ITS FREEEEE! It seems very good, after 5 minute try out, lots of sounds ! Easy to install, download, unzip, Click "Setup",and play - well more or less
    Why can't they all be that simple
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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    unless you're on a mac

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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    Hey - thanks for the heads up! This things well worth some hard-drive real estate for the organ/key sounds alone. Nice one!

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    Re: FREE : Proteus VX

    Emu has been one of my favorite synth manufacturers ever. They have pioneered many of the technologies that we,today, take for granted now. I think the original Proteus module sold for around $1000 Canadian dollars back when I was living in Vancouver. Now the Proteus XV, a more robust soundset, for free... Does that mean one day VSL will be a freebie?

    Man times have changed. Still Emu is around. All the other major synth manufacturers are gone, Sequential Circuits, New England Digital, Oberheim, Ensoniq.

    Thank you Emu for the free gift!

    All the very best,

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