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Version 2 of the

Phrase Modeled Performance Multi

Featuring Improved Phrasing & Articulation scripting
Instrument Specific Convolution
Jazz Articulations including Falls, Bends, Drops & Gliss
String & Breath Effects
Channel Based Live Play Mode

Listen to the Demos Here

The Phrase Modeled Performance Multi is a container for all the instruments in the Garritan Libraries (Jazz & Big Band, Personal Orchestra, Concert & Marching Band, Stradivari Violin and Gofriller Cello), that replaces the default multi that loads with the Kontakt 2 Player (stand alone or VSTi). The multi includes scripting which adds a number of features to the Garritan Libraries.

Note Placement
The multi provides the ability to vary note start timings to help humanize quantized sequences. Rather then random variations, the multi’s humanization are based on a sequence’s phrasing moving forward and behind the beat depending on note values. Timing variations are selectable via midi messages and supports separate settings for each midi channel.

Phrasing / Articulation
The Performance Multi scripts modwheel, articulation, length, legato and Portamento for all legato instruments in the JABB, GPO & CoMB libraries and bowing key switches for string instruments in the GPO & JABB libraries. The Multi script models phrasing in real time based on note characteristics such as speed, length, velocity, overlap and space. The scripts will correctly interpret phrases based on the instruments capabilities avoiding, for example, a Saxophone or Trumpet playing up-tempo tongued sixteenth note triplets.

Instrument Parameters
Tuning, Timber, Air Noise, Key/Valve Noise, Growl/Flutter, EQ Freq/Level and Vibrato are script generated with user definable strength on a channel basis.

The Performance Multi includes a Stradivari / Gofriller Mode providing scripting of the Stradivari Violin and Gofriller instruments dynamics, attack, phrasing and vibrato.

The Multi adds Program Change support allowing for example the String instruments to switch between arco, pizzicato and tremolo based on Program Change messages. The JABB Saxophone KS instruments will also change between Soprano Sax, Clarinet & Flute based on Program Change messages. Likewise the KS Brass can change mutes based on Program Change.

Jazz Articulations
The Multi now supports various Jazz Articulations such as fall-offs, note bends, screams, squeezes, trills, turns, rips, drops and glisses enabling each effect with a single cc message. The Multi also automates Drum & Timpani rolls, Brush stirs, Plunger Mute and Bass & Guitar string noise. The breath samples above the JABB Brass, Saxophones and Woodwinds range can also be automated with volume control based on the detected phrasing of the instrument

Live Play Mode
The Multi will switch to record mode, disabling timing and modwheel automation, on a channel basis with the detection of modwheel (cc1), breath control (cc2) or expression (cc11) messages allowing player control of these parameters. Vibrato is disabled with channel pressure detection and legato automation is disabled with sustain pedal (cc64) detection. Overlapped notes will continue to automate portamento and legato pedal and instrument parameters such as air noise, growl, timbre etc will continue to be automated. All automated parameters can be overridden with the appropriate played cc message.

New KS Patches
The Multi includes a GM Classic Drum Set / Brushes KS, Steinway Piano / Rhodes KS, Jazz Guitar / Acoustic Guitar KS, Trumpet Open / Mutes / Plunger Mute / Flugelhorn KS, Trombone Open / Mutes / Plunger Mute KS and Upright / Fretless / Fretted / Arco Bass KS Instruments. All new patches like the JABB Sax and Brass KS instruments use Program Change messages to trigger the Key Switch and allow different parameter presets for the combined instruments