Hello fellow composers,
Just wanted to run this past everyone before I contact my attorney and or music manager/agency.
Recieved in the mail yesterday a 'packette' from The Walt Disney Music company. It is a letter stating that the Miramax films I have scored are films that are now owned by Disney. (now to my knowledge theyve owned these films for awhile now...)
The packette contains goodies in it like "withholding exemption certificates", W9 forms , 590 forms and direct deposit forms.
Has Anyone ELSE gotten these and does anyone know what they are? I dont really undersand how filing out these forms will impact the royalties.

I do have a call into Disney contracts dept and am waiting to hear back but any advice or knowledge from those that may have worked on similar films (once owned by Miramax, etc) and have also gotten this info and had it looked at by a professional (or not) or would be able to shed some light on this would be great!