This is my first post to the Forum (...please be gentle).

Having had no problems before, I (for other reasons) had to uninstall GPO/KP v1.0.1.2 & Garritan Studio v2. I also ran a registry cleaner (CCleaner) to ensure a clean uninstall.

However when I reinstalled GPO/KP and then GStudio I now keep getting the following error message when GStudio starts:

No Garritan Libraries Found! Please Reinstall GPO or JABB.
I have tried all permutations of unistalling and reinstalling but nothing works. I've tried also even installing with my AV/IS software turned off.

How can I direct GStudio to the GPO library files? Is there a registry key value or some other setup or ini file that GStudio uses?

Please help as I finally wanted to use the GPO with my version of Sibelius v3.