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Topic: Logic not recognizing plug-ins upon installing new OSX

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    Logic not recognizing plug-ins upon installing new OSX

    This is indeed a bizarre problem.

    I was the one who posted the thread about Celemony's Melodyne crashing my entire computer. Nobody seemed to have my issue so what I did was re-install the entire OS and it worked.

    However, how Logic will not recognize ANY of my other plug-ins. (Miroslav Philharmonik, and Stylus RMX) THis has never happened before.

    I looked at my inserts and this is what I saw:


    How do you "force" Logic to recognize the path to the plug-in if it has forgotten? When I open up a project that already has Stylus and Miroslav loaded in, I get these two notices:



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    Re: Logic not recognizing plug-ins upon installing new OSX

    Maybe a restall saves the plug-ins in the users App-support folder but not the ones in the App-support folder on the Macintosh HD. I don't know if you can manipulate where Logic is looking. Something is probably missing. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Re: Logic not recognizing plug-ins upon installing new OSX

    I'm having a similar problem with one plugin which Logic has "lost" after a plugin update. The Component is there in the Plugins folder, but it doesn't show up in Logic or the AU Manager. Have you looked in the AU Manager to see if they show up?

    It appears that there is a problem with the fact that Logic caches the AudioUnit plug-in data. There must be a way to flush this cache.

    I found some info here:

    This may or may not having anything to do with your problem- I don't know . Mine is still unsolved.

    Please let us know if you find a solution. You may want to post on Logic Pro Help-that's more of a technical forum.


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