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Topic: Two Problems I Would Really Like Solved

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    Two Problems I Would Really Like Solved

    I use Noteworthy Composer, and I've run into two main issues when it comes to using Kontakt Player 2.

    1) To this day, I have still not figured out how to work dynamics. I can't find any sort of guide that provides any sort of assistance when it comes to this subject. I know how to use the mod wheel and volume control, but I don't know what I should be setting each to for the various dynamics.

    2) Frequently, when I play back the music, I either get stuck notes or phantom notes (where a note begins playing despite not being programmed in the music). I don't know what I can do to fix this.

    If at all possible, I'd like to continue using NWC because I prefer the ability to simply "type in" the music using my keyboard. Sibelius is all right, but it is just as difficult to work dynamics with that as with NWC.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: Two Problems I Would Really Like Solved

    Well, as a Sibelius user, I can say, I find it rather easy to work dynamics.

    In general, to use dynamics with GPO, (I assume you know how to insert midi code), you type in "~C7,XXX", without quotes. Numbers range from 0-127.

    I would guestimate the following -

    ppp = ~C7,10-15

    pp = ~C7,16-25

    p = ~C7,26-35

    mp = ~C7,36-50

    mf = ~C7,51-65

    f = ~C7,66-80

    ff = ~C7,81-100

    fff = ~C7,101-127

    With Sibelius, all you do is select the note or measure you want to change the dynamic of, and on Windows hit Ctrl+E (which is the same as CREATE-TEXT-EXPRESSION), and then type in the midi code (eg. "~C7,02), or the dynamic you want, (eg. ff)

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    Re: Two Problems I Would Really Like Solved

    I'll give that a shot. Thanks!

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    Re: Two Problems I Would Really Like Solved

    You may be interested in trying the Phrase Modeled Performance Multi available at the link in my signiture. The scripting the multi provides generates modwheel data, String keyswitches for up/down/sustain bowing, cc64/68 on overlaped notes for legato among other time saving features - freeing you up from nearly all midi tweaking.

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