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Topic: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

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    Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    I remember reading and listening to Elhardt's sorcery when he managed to perform some amazing orchestral instruments using Arturia's Moog Modular V. Had always been a fan of using synthesizers for emulating acoustic percussive sounds. So Elhardt's samples really inspired me, but since I'm too cheap to get Arturia's Moog I used free synths instead. Unfortunately there aren't really any free modular synths so I just used what I have. I chose Synth1. Anyway, it's not as convincing as Elhardt's samples but I'm pretty satisfied so far. Recently got better results for brass.

    These are a tad crude (early stages) since I haven't finished building all the articulations.

    Older demo...just a random tune:

    Short demo tune:

    Short demo tune with just brass sections:

    Short demo tune with just (lower punch) brass sections:

    Stealing from Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard's Batman Begins
    Short percussive demo:

    Good thing about these synths is that you can simulate round robin easily.

    They are composed entirely of Synth1 with some stock Cubase reverbs or Kjaerhus classic reverb... and a stock compressor. Ignore the crappy arrangements, just listen to the patches

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    You are amazing !

    I love trying to do that .... could you give us some hints about the batman percussions ? it sounds pretty good !

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnCarter View Post
    could you give us some hints about the batman percussions ? it sounds pretty good !
    Not much to it really, just blend a lot of low freq basses together.

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    Very impressive! Especially the brass.

    What are your plans for these sounds?

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    No plans yet ... this is just an interesting concept I'm picking up. And there seems to be a lot more work to be done to achieve further realism. I can imagine the need for developing external plugins to make this fully functional. ... Unless of course, I can always try to convince Ichiro Toda to create a customized version of Synth1.

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    Played around with some patches a little more...

    Trumpets Fluttering:

    Low Brass Swell (controlled by midi):

    Tried to play around with french horns but they are a little more tricky so don't have any demos yet.

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    Wow this is very impressive, I could have never imagne Synth1 sounding like that.

    Maybe the platform that could help you building playable patch from different VSTi/VST is Kore. Or Reason with it's Combinator, but you will have then to use Thor, Substractor or Malstrom.

    Well, if you are looking for money, you could always resample the result you have with Synth1 and build library for Kontakt and sell those. I can already see usage for those combined with real instruments.

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    Re: Labou
    Aww, and here I was hoping that kaiyoti would be awesome enough to share some of his presets.

    Really kaiyoti, they sound very, very nifty. Just mix them in with some proper orchestral samples, and you've got some vintage Goldsmith-type stuff. Very impressive. I could really put them to use.

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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    Vey cool!

    Back to the roots.

    This reminds me to the time when I worked as a programmer for Casio CZ-Synths. With them one could play/built fantastic brass sounds... .

    And mixing such synthsounds together with orchestra-libs, hm, I am sure many composers do that now as they did in the past.
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    Re: Virtual Analog Orchestral Emulation

    It's still in the early stages... so I don't know what to do with them just yet. But I'll look into the options mentioned.

    I modified the brass sounds by a tad bit for a lighter feel:
    Bubble Bobble theme (Arrangement taken from vgmusic.com)

    Features a musicbox (beginning), xylophone (not sure if this is really it, I get confused with marimbas, glock, celesta and xylophones :P), and the brass sections again. This is just a quick MIDI run through, with slight adjustments to normalize the volumes.

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