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Topic: Half-pedal - what kind of hardware...?

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    Half-pedaling and Steinway - how to?

    Hey! I just bought me a Roland's half-pedaling-supporting foot-pedal, which has a switch on it saying "Switch/Continuous", which I assume means it functions just the way expression pedal words when in "Continuous"-mode.

    I plugged it to my Novation Remote and realized the sustain-port doesn't output continuous-data, only on/off-signals. I contacted Novation tech support and they said sustain pedal standard doesn't support half-pedaling.

    What kind of keyboard controller should I have that it would support half-pedaling? Or is there a way to make Steinway read expression channel -data, since on my controller this ports supports continuous midi-data?

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    Re: Half-pedal - what kind of hardware...?

    I would suggest you check out the CME keyboard site.


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    Re: Half-pedal - what kind of hardware...?

    I checked out CMEs but there's nothing for me there... is half-pedaling some non-standard option that the sustain-port has to have support for? How can I know if a sustain-port on a controller can input continuous pedal-data (half-pedal)? And is it possible to use expression pedal port to control half pedal in Steinway when using a controller that doesn't support half-pedaling in the sustain-port?

    Could someone explain me this thingy, what indicates half-pedaling support in a controller etc etc and why won't a normal sustain-pedal port do the trick?

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    Re: Half-pedal - what kind of hardware...?

    Can someone move this to Steinway discussion forum, I guess it should be there instead...

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