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Topic: Need suggestions for a title

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    Need suggestions for a title

    I have no name for this one yet.

    I just started playing around with a few things and this piece was the result.

    At points it seems to have a Native American feel to it, but no name pops into my head.

    Any suggestions?

    Here it is

    Any other comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Need suggestions for a title

    It may sound Native American to you, but I hear a hint of the far east and China. It seems to be searching and hints a grandeur past. Maybe a title like:

    In Search of a Lost Dynasty


    China's Grandeur


    The Majestic Dynasty

    Just thoughts that pooped in my head while listening.

    Nice piece you've got going here. I can't wait to hear the final product whatever you call it.
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    Re: Need suggestions for a title

    Hey Ron,

    First off, I like this side of you; smooth (diffeomorphism), expansive, with broad strokes of musical material.

    Since I know how much you like numbers, and how this work seems to have a haunting feel to it; ... including your passion for longer titles , and the free form randomness outpour of musical thought, ($X\sb n=A\sb nX\sb {n-1}+B\sb n$) - I would suggest:

    "The Random Summons Of A Ghostly Equation"

    yes, I'm being a bit "goofy" but I truly enjoyed the work! These new soundscapes your creating are very interesting!

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    Re: Need suggestions for a title

    Interesting soundscape once again, Ron; some great
    colors in this.

    For a title? There's something of an Oriental feel to it;
    which is rich ground... given your interests, perhaps
    something related to Chinese mathematics?

    I happened to run across a summary history of that
    area that might be of interest...



    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Need suggestions for a title

    Hey Ron,

    Like you, I did hear more than just hints of Native American type stuff in here, especially the material you introduce at just about the halfway point. Really nice treatment of the piece at that point, very evocative cinematically. I also hear the Far East tendencies that others mentioned... I think you get that pretty much automatically with parallel 5ths moving in minor 3rd intervals. Pretty cool horn stuff in here, too -- just the right amount (so easy to overdo it!).

    Like David S. , I continue to be very impressed with your excursion into soundscape-ville. Keep it up, my friend!


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    Re: Need suggestions for a title

    Quote Originally Posted by rolifer View Post
    Any suggestions?

    "Stuck to Homeland"


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    Thumbs up Re: Need suggestions for a title

    I hear snippets of everything suggested but not enough of any one thing to name the piece. While listening and trying to think (that's difficult for me) the thought that popped into my head was "How Long Is A Piece of String?" because trying to offer a name for you will be like trying to answer that question, totally subjective.
    Lost in all of this diatribe is the fact that I really enjoyed what I heard. Great ideas and sounds.


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    Re: Need suggestions for a title

    What about "In Search of a Title!"
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: Need suggestions for a title


    When the entire orchestra joins in the main theme, for some reason I think of Saturday afternoon movies with John Wayne and others and the Indains coming over the crest of the mesa getting ready to attack.


    For some reason, all I seem to be able to compose lately are these soundscapes. I start out thinking I have a movement to a symphony and the ideas go away. But I keep working at it anyway.


    I did do some studies of Chinese Math, but whyen I went to the site you suggested, I was surprised that The author of "The Art of War", Sun Tzu was not included in the list. He had a way of getting his troops to line up in groups after the battle and by using modular math was able to quickly figure out how many were wounded or dead.


    Soundscape-ville. That's where I am stuck right now. I did another one this afternoon that I think works, but again it is just a sound picture. All the ones I have been doing lately are all done with keyboard into Sonar. I think I may have to go back to Sibelius to get a more intense sound. I am just so much faster using Sonar that I don't look for5ward to going back to Sib.


    All fine suggestions, thank you.


    The piece of string is just as long as it needs to be for its length.

    You always come up with some neat titles. I may just steal that one sometime as well.


    Another fine suggestion.

    Thanks guys

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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