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Topic: Mirage [by Pablo]

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    Mirage [by Pablo]

    Genre: Freestyle
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    Re: Mirage [by Pablo]

    Quote from my previous post:
    "Now I want to present for you a film score named "Desert Songs",
    I made that in early 2004.That was 45 minutes of music.
    Now I presents only a four pieces suite:
    The context is Lawrence of Arabia and Turkish Ottoman people
    in a desert war, with muslim and jewish people sharing the life
    in the holy land."
    The order is: Mirage,Village, Amour and Retour.
    The links was wrong in my previous post then I reloaded the songs.
    Sorry about that

    PS: My name here is Atacama and in NS.net is Pablo.
    I have certainly made an error, I can't correct that yet.

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