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Topic: Sibelius Student, and GPO as a stand alone program.

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    Question Sibelius Student, and GPO as a stand alone program.

    Hi there,

    First of all, I'm not entirley sure whether this was the correct place to post this, as I haven't encountered any bugs - I don't even own GPO yet, but I need to ask a couple of questions about how it works before I buy it.

    I'm a pupil at a secondary school in England, and am about to undertake my second year of GCSE music. We use a full version of Sibelius at school (version 4 or 5, I can't remember), but at home, I have Sibelius Student. I was wondering whether GPO would work with Sibelius Student in the same way it does with the full version. I originally thought that it would, but I am now beginning to doubt this. I looked on the sibelius website, where there are two checklists comparing Sibelius Student edition, and Sibelius 5. One catagory was named "Midi Devices Supported", and under Sibelius Student, it said "General Midi Only". This led me to doubt whether or not Sibelius would recognise GPO in the devices menu. On the other hand, does GPO commandeer my general midi (I'm not quite sure what this means, but my brother seems to think it might)?

    The second question is this: Somewhere on the Garriton website, I read that GPO can be used as a stand alone program, but I could'nt find anything that expanded on this. Does this mean that I could oppen GPO, and import a midi file that I made in Sibelius, and see all the instruments in the score so that I can apply a patch from the GPO library? Or does GPO only work in the background, behind notation software such as Sibelius?

    Thanks for reading, and sorry if I have been a little vague - I'm somewhat new to all the technicalities of midi engines and suchlike.

    All responses would be greatly appreciated,

    Tom P

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    Re: Sibelius Student, and GPO as a stand alone program.

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds. You are correct: GPO will not work exactly the same with Sibelius Student as it does with Sibelius 5. Sib5 includes the ability to host all VST plug-ins, including GPO, and it also includes a subset of Garritan instruments as a soundset. Sibelius Student does neither of these. You should be able to get GPO to run with Sibelius Student, however.

    MIDI is a protocol enabling different sound devices and sequencers to communicate. General MIDI is basically a generic sound driver to process these messages. It is a standardized set of sounds so that playback sounds the same (or similar) on nearly all systems. By default, MIDI messages are passed to your general MIDI sound driver. With GPO and other MIDI-capable programs, you redirect the MIDI messages to get their sounds. The actual messages sent remain the same--only the destination changes.

    To get GPO to run with Sibelius Student, you'll need to use GPO in its Standalone capacity and get a set of virtual midi cables (they're free). You'll use them to link the two programs together to get the effect above. The process is described here: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=59274


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    Re: Sibelius Student, and GPO as a stand alone program.

    Many thanks for your detailed response, Reegs.

    I've read the instructions you linked me to, and I think I could pull it off (as I said, I'm not the best informed person when it comes to these technicalities - although your definition in the second paragraph was indeed helpful).

    I think I'll purchase GPO now. I sent an e-mail to Garritan support yesterday, asking whether Sibelius Student is compatible, and I'm still waiting on a reply, but it seems that this work-around makes it function properly. Anyway, if the worst comes to the worst and I get completely, helplessly stuck (which I don't think will happen from what I've read), I'm planning to purchase Sibelius 5 anyway next year. Owners of the student version can upgrade to Sibelius 5 for a discount price of just £310.20, which I should be able to afford by around May or possible a little before, next year.

    Anyway, I'll definitely give this a go now. Thanks very much for your help. Hopefully I'll be around the forums in the near future as I learn how to use GPO.

    Thanks again,


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