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Topic: Best for Mac

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    Best for Mac

    Pro Logic or Cubase?

    I bought a Mac Pro back in June on which I also installed XP64. I can't get the sound to work properly on the PC side. I use Sonar as a sequencer and of course Murphy, they don't have a version for Mac.

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    Re: Best for Mac

    MOTU's DP, it's better than both sequencers you mention IMHO and I've used them all over the years
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    Re: Best for Mac

    It is all going to be a matter of taste and finding a DAW that works best for your workflow and how you record (audio, midi, both, etc...). But, I too chose MOTU's Digital Performer over Logic back when I tried them both out and have never looked back. For film scoring in my case, I have found it to be truly the best.

    But of course all 3 of these can do pretty much the same things...just in different ways. So, it will really be a question of which one do you like to look at the most.
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    Re: Best for Mac

    I would suggest Logic being that you want to take advantage of what your Mac Pro has to offer. Logic is designed (theoretically) as optimized for Mac, since Apple currently develops Logic.

    I can't imagine running Sonar on a Windows partition of a Mac. I made the switch from Sonar to Logic many years ago and really haven't looked back, but that's neither here nor there.

    It all comes down to trying to force a windows build on a Mac.

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    Re: Best for Mac

    Logic Pro, DP, and Cubase are all great apps with various pros and cons.

    The one point that I think is indisputable, however, is that if you own few or no 3rd party software instruments and FX, Logic Studio is the package that just as it is gives you what you need to make good sounding music.
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