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Topic: Walkoustik Swingin' Ned Bouhalassa

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    Walkoustik Swingin' Ned Bouhalassa

    Hello Ned,

    my second post

    I have Trilogy and listened to Walkoustik Swingin', simple melody, complex dynamics "in yr face" and soooooooo bass. Wonderful. Could I ask how you created it? Midi guitar, bass or keyboard?

    I have a Korg Trinity keyboard and even with velocity switching set to 8 I can't begin to get the dynamics of your demo.

    Any advice from a "Master" much appreciated

    Best wishes, (a pupil), Neil

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    Re: Walkoustik Swingin' Ned Bouhalassa

    Glad you enjoyed that demo! I was just really inspired by the sound of Trilogy. I used a basic weighted MIDI keyboard, and my experience as a bass player (only electric though). The dynamic processing was done by Spectrasonics. My biggest tip for you is to use your sequencer and plug-ins every day - there's nothing that beats experience.

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    Re: Walkoustik Swingin' Ned Bouhalassa

    That is good advice from Ned, who is a real pro.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Walkoustik Swingin' Ned Bouhalassa

    Hello ned,

    many thanks for the post. I am sorry it has taken me a couple of days to respond but my wife took over the internet on Friday and has watched Team GB do what we thought was impossible on Friday : win some gold medals.

    The dymanics of your composition will take time to unravel. Your music is brilliant,

    best wishes, Neil

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