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Topic: OT: Creating AKAI Sample CD's

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    OT: Creating AKAI Sample CD\'s

    Ok, I\'ve got an idea to create a sample CD of my heavy guitar sound, but I think that I\'d also like to make it available for AKAI users. The best I can figure out is to have an AKAI formatted hard drive in my system on a SCSI bus, use Translator to convert the WAV files, and then create an ISO using Zicweb.com\'s DISK2FILE. Kind of a roundabout way to do it, yes, but I sold my Akai compatible sampler for Giga.

    Is there an easier way? Will the way I\'ve mentioned even work? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: OT: Creating AKAI Sample CD\'s


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    Re: OT: Creating AKAI Sample CD\'s

    There is no easier way to create an AKAI cd
    But making an Akai cd without using an AKai is not such a great idea. I would suggest to rent a S3000 and work on a real hard drive. It\'s a lot easier to make programs and tweaks when you have the \'real thing\' in your hands. You could ask someone else to make and tweak the programs, this way the end-result will be much better than when you make the AKAI cd with only the raw WAV\'s and no nice programs.


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    Re: OT: Creating AKAI Sample CD\'s

    Thanks for the reply! Ok, I was hoping to get away with doing it all on my PC. Is what I described in the first post even going to work though? I\'m not too concerned about how well the Akai one turns out, I\'m more interested in making the Giga one the one to have, and the Akai version.. \"available.\" Can I format a hard drive in my PC to make it Akai compatible?

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    Re: OT: Creating AKAI Sample CD\'s

    Check the TRANSLATOR website for the details. The idea is this: You take a small hard drive and use TRANSLATOR to format the drive as Akai format. You transport the wav\'s with TRANSALTOR to the drive. Then you have the samples on the drive, but not the programs. As far as I know there is no GIGA to AKAI program convertor. So you need an actual AKAI machine to make these.
    When you want to use an internal PC drive you just select a partition that turns into a virtual AKAI drive. It works as if it is an actual drive. You can copy it\'s content to CD.

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