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Topic: Emerging Briefly Again!

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    Emerging Briefly Again!

    HEY!---This is crazy, the way I keep thinking I can arrange my life so I can Do It All, but it keeps not working out.

    I really miss being on this board on a daily basis, the way I did for so long. Awhile back I came back to give an update, and that's all I have time for now too. sigh.

    Many of you will recall that my musical "DORIAN" was picked up by producer Michael Butler. Since that time, I've become the musical arranger for another one of Michael's shows, and the two projects--my show and this new one are keeping me virtually non-stop busy from early morning until late at night.

    AND there is something in the works for "DORIAN" which I can't talk about yet, but it's the biggest, most exciting development so far. You of the Garritan Gang will be the first to hear the news when I'm allowed to release it.

    NOW--Gotta get back to Sibelius which I've managed to learn well enough for producing these charts for the upcoming show.

    Hope you're all doing well--Take care--I am DETERmined to come back sooner next time!

    Randy Bowser

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    Thumbs up Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    HEY!---This is crazy, the way I keep thinking I can arrange my life so I can Do It All, but it keeps not working out.
    There's no such thing as "I can do it all" so relax and do what you need to. By the looks of the link you have done more than many could ever dream.

    All I can say is FANTASTIC! I want to attend but don't have the resources at this time. You think your musical will ever come to the Sea's Performing Arts center here in sunny downtown Buffalo? Seriously, congratulations!

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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    Hey kids, its time to play Wack-a-Bowser!

    Good to hear from you again! Randy
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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    Bowser Sighting!!!!

    Welcome back briefly

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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    Hello Randy my friend.

    Strange .. over the past few days I was thinking of you and now here you are!

    It really is good to see you here again and, as always, it's a real pleasure to hear that things are moving on for you.

    Keep in touch and my very best wishes.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan View Post
    Bowser Sighting!!!!

    ROFL! He's everywhere, he's everywhere!

    Randy, great to hear from you and that things are going so grandly
    for you. My gosh, it's such a thrill when one of our own hits the
    fast track!

    We miss you around here, of course; but we all understand how
    demanding your current work load is.

    Continued great success, Randy, and keep us posted when you can!

    Always my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    What a coooool information!

    Randy my friend,

    very great to hear that all your hard work is starting to pay off now!

    I wish you all my best!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    Good to see you again here !! Best wishes for your projects too. You should have chosen Finale instead of Sibelius for those charts..... Congratulations with the developments of «Dorian» ! Can't wait to hear what that is, it sounds great....
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Emerging Briefly Again!

    Hopefully it's great news on Dorian! I was just listening to it a couple weeks ago - good stuff.


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