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Topic: My Demo Posted

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    My Demo Posted

    Howdy folks. I\'ve been working on this western overture for about a month, nearly finished, but so far, this sounds pretty descent. Please take a listen. All the samples come from my Kurzweil K2500XS Orchestral Rom Block. Soon to get Gigastudio and some libraries. (Money.... bleah!) The movement from the beginning to the end of the trumpet solo is all midi sequenced on my keyboard, but EVERYTHING after that is audio-sequenced. So there are well over 300 takes in there. Everything is played in real time, no slowing down of tempo, than speeding it up for fast passages. I wish I could\'ve done this in Midi, but my keyboard can\'t handle the polyphony, so I have to use audio. Using cakewalk pro audio 9.0, and ALL these audio tracks, it\'s pegging my cpu power. Again, not finished, but it will have an exciting ending. Enjoy! ( )Oh, and don\'t worry, the final name isn\'t Cowboys either.

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    Re: My Demo Posted

    Really nice stuff there A Sapp! Nice composition and sequencing . Those Kurzweil sounds are pretty darn good.

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    Re: My Demo Posted

    Thanks. I\'m having this performed by the orchestra up here. This is the biggest song I\'ve made. The Kurzweil sounds actually are not very good, but when mixed right, they sound descent.

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