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Topic: OT: How to improve your sound.

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    OT: How to improve your sound.

    I lifted this little article from UK New Scientist. If you need to improve your sound or reduce your bank balance, this is the kit for you. A fool and his money ......

    ON 26 JULY we noted that the electronics and hi-fi company Denon is charging nearly $500 for a 1.5-metre length of network cable. Now a reader who wants to be known as Adam points us
    to Pear Audio, which is charging $2750 for a pair of 3-foot Anjou speaker cables, $5250 for a 8-foot pair and $7250 for a 12-foot pair.

    The fact that companies expect people to pay this sort of money for bits of wire may make you think that some strange neurological disorder has swept the hi-fi industry. Then again, you may think that Denon and Pear Audio are models of sanity compared with www.machinadynamica.com,
    a site reported to us by John Noble.
    Here are three of Machina Dynamica's hi-fi fixes. The $199 Clever Little Clock is a "small, battery-powered travel alarm clock that has been extensively modified using a number of highly
    specialized techniques". It "has a pronounced affect on the sound heard by listeners in the room.
    In addition, any video systems in the house will be improved".

    For some reason, most of the customer testimonials on the Machina Dynamica site are credited with dates rather than names, so we have "May 2007" declaring: "The sound is more open, liquid and organic."

    That sounds pretty impressive, if unlikely, but what about Brilliant Pebbles, yours for $159?
    These come in a "clear thin plastic bag containing minerals & stones of various types" and once
    again "a number of highly-specialized, proprietary techniques are used for preparation/assembly".
    The stones are "a unique comprehensive system for tuning the room and audio system" that are
    "capable of dramatically lowering audio noise and distortion".

    "Brilliant Pebbles have made a bigger improvement in sound quality than the last $1000.00
    interconnect cables I purchased. Thanks!" says "January 2008".

    If you don't want stones or clocks around your room, the Teleportation Tweak ($60) might be a
    better bet. It's "an advanced telecommunications technique... for upgrading audio systems remotely".
    The tweak is done via a phone call and sounds to the listener like a series of mechanical pulses.
    It takes only about 20 seconds and "has a profound effect on the sound - clearer, more information,
    greater frequency extension and more realistic-sounding". We are told that it routinely works "for
    distances of 1000-4000 miles".

    "The Teleportation Tweak is a thing of indescribable beauty," gushes "September 2007".

    The Machina Dynamic site now sports illustrations in the form of visuals from old science fiction
    comics, making us wonder if the site itself is a work of fiction. We hope it is - but given the
    excesses rife in the hi-fi world, we fear the worst.
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: OT: How to improve your sound.

    lol! please tell me no one on this forum has purchased any of these....

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    Re: OT: How to improve your sound.

    That reminds me of the "I am rich" app for the iPhone. It's a s/w app that costs $999. It does absolutely nothing but display a large red light on the display. But, the idea is that if you have that display, it's supposed to show people that you are rich because you can afford to spenn $1000 on an app that does nothing.

    I think the name should be changed to the "I am stupid" app.

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    Re: OT: How to improve your sound.

    It's like ... expensive modern art paintings ...
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: OT: How to improve your sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin View Post
    It's like ... expensive modern art paintings ...
    Except that in these harsh economic times you can heat your home with the paintings.

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