Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get EWQLSO PLAY to work with my current software (Cakewalk Music Creator 2003) with very limited success. While I can get it to sound, the audio is choppy and a fast run of notes will "skip", cause dropouts, or crash and bring down Music Creator with it. I've tried tweaking the buffer sizes to no avail.

I must admit that getting it to work with CWMC 2003 is sketchy at best (you have to use a VST->DXi converter to even run it, which seems to produce a significant performance hit over the PLAY standalone player). That said, it's probably time to upgrade to something newer.

The two options that immediately jump to mind are Sonar and Kontakt 3. My goal is, naturally, the product that costs the least without sacrificing significant quality. I'd rather stay in the < $300 range, and I don't necessarily need sample libraries bundled with the software if that brings down the price at all. Will the programs I listed run PLAY well, and are there other options to consider? I may be able to get an upgrade discount on K3, as I own the old Kompakt EWQL Silver.

If it helps, my relevant specs are:
Phenom 9850 BE @ 2.7GHz
2 GB RAM (will upgrade to 4GB soon, and perhaps 64-bit)
7200 RPM 500 GB HDD
XP Pro SP2

Thanks in advance.