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Topic: ARIA Player in Logic Pro

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    ARIA Player in Logic Pro

    Here's a quick question for those of you out there.

    I recently purchased my Finale 2009 upgrade (from 2003) and was curious if I can use the Garritan Aria player inside of Logic Pro.

    Prior to buying the upgrade I spoke to a technical support person at MakeMusic and the guy I spoke to said it should be possible to use the ARIA player inside of DAW's.

    Any ideas on how to do it. When I create a software instrument track I don't see it listed as a plugin. Is there some other way I need to do it, or is it not possible?


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    Re: ARIA Player in Logic Pro

    I hope you got an answer via another channel, but here is mine: Yes, if you install GPO4 following the instructions, it should show up as a software instrument. You have to go down to "AU Instruments", then choose "Garritan" and finally "Aria". It behaves as any other plug-in. The player is a stand-alone application that you can control using either a midi file or midi input.

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