Hi all!!

I've never posted anything publicly before, but I just got a keyboard with knobs on it yesterday (funny, right??) and so I whipped this up.


The theme is original (I think). I came up with it about a month ago and haven't orchestrated anything in over a year, so I figured I'd fiddle with this.

What are your thoughts??

Also, a problem I seem to be running into is how to get the thing to sound right on all speakers. I have 3 1980's Bose speakers, 2 JVC's, and a subwoofer plugged into a 5.1 receiver--and the thing sounds outstanding on those, even at high volumes. On other systems, especially cheaper systems, however, I get distortion. I have noticed this especially with instruments such as the F Horn. I know that produces so many overtones I'm not sure if cheap speakers can reproduce the GPO samples. Am I totally offbase??

In any case, what can I do in the future in post or in GPO to faithfully get a good sound from system to system??