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Topic: Embarrassing beginner question

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    Embarrassing beginner question

    What is MOD wheel? What can I do with it? How can I control it with cubase? And I have two drum samples: closed micked and room micked. Should I add them to this MOD wheel somehow to add some room ambience? I\'m awfully coned...

    Thank you for your help!

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    Re: Embarrassing beginner question

    Mod wheel is actually a wheel on your keyboard, (unless you keyboard is a cheaper model, more expensive ones have it) which can control vibrato, (ordinary usage) volume, filter, and... well... whatever your keyboard allows you to. I have a kurzweil, and you can assign any kind of function with the mod wheel. Do you know what a pitch bend wheel is? Looks the same, but the mod wheel doesn\'t have a spring on my keyboards. So wherever you turn the wheel, it\'ll stay in the position. Well, there\'s my two cents.

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    Re: Embarrassing beginner question

    A further comment, and if this is too complicated for now, just save it for reference (you will want to know this in the future, probably.)

    The mod wheel usually is assigned by default to MIDI continuous controller 1 (CC1). If you have a mod wheel on your keyboard, the functions in the keyboard may or may not allow you to reassign it to a different CC number.

    This reassignment may also be performed instead by various other pieces of your system (sequencer software, or perhaps a dedicated hardware box,) but Gigastudio will not allow you to do this.

    Hope this wasn\'t too confusing. Take one small step at a time, and it will begin to make sense. Production of this sort is a combination of many small bits and pieces. Once you understand enough of the small steps, the larger ones become clear.


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    Re: Embarrassing beginner question

    By the way, there IS no such thing as a dumb question. Usually, it\'s best to try and figure out the answer for yourself first, but in the end, no question is too stupid. If you don\'t get it, you don\'t get it, and if you don\'t ask, you never will...


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    Re: Embarrassing beginner question

    <How can I control it with cubase? >

    If you go into key edit in Cubase, you\'ll see a section at the bottom of the screen which probably now displays velocity values for any notes which are on the current track. This is the \'controller\' display section of the key edit window. You can change this to display ANY midi controller number, including things like pitch bend, modulation wheel, after touch, etc.,. I can\'t remember where you click to get the drop down list of options, but I think it\'s an icon to the left of the displayed controller info.

    I\'m pretty sure MOD WHEEL is just called \'modulation\' in the Cubase controller list.

    If you pick modulation from the drop down list, you will see that the controller display area changes from showing a little spike below each note (the velocity of each note), to a blank area. This is because you have no mod wheel data entered.

    You can enter mod wheel data one of two ways:

    1. If you have a modulation wheel on your keyboard, you can put the sequencer in record and move the wheel. When you next go into key edit and look at the controller data display of modulation, you should see grey hills and valleys wherever you moved the wheel. These represent high and low modulation wheel values respectively.

    2. If you wish, you can avoid the actual wheel and simply \'draw\' the values in with the mouse. Much depends on what kind of effect you\'re after. When I\'m crossfading sounds I usually do it\'live\' with the wheel. When I\'m making special volume fadeouts which have to be gone by a specific beat or frame, I usually draw them in. Each sequencer is different in how you \'draw\' values. From memory, I usually held down the alt button and left click/dragged the mouse up and down in the display area. Keep in mind that sometimes the quantize/snap settings can cause your mod wheel info to be stepped between a limited number of values. You may wish to turn them off or set them to, say, 64ths to get smooth curves.

    <And I have two drum samples: closed micked and room micked. Should I add them to this MOD wheel somehow to add some room ambience?>

    In the Giga editor you can setup a region which contains both kicks. How you either swicth, fade between, or mix them is your choice. The mod wheel can be used as the controller which either switches between two layers, or crossfades from one to the other. It very much depends on the sounds you\'re using as to what approach to adopt. Gigastudio is very flexible in this way.

    Keep your eyes open for a manual and a tutorial for Gigastudio which are due out \'real soon now\'.

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