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Topic: Anybody bought GPO without a dvd in the box?

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    Anybody bought GPO without a dvd in the box?

    I came home from the store, opened up GPO (the packaging is obviously easily resealable) and there was no DVD, only the manual and the serial number. I am going to go back on Monday to the store hoping for a trade to a complete package (they have a no returns/exchanges/... on software policy, which worries me) and I was wondering if anybody here had that happen to them.

    The package was not out in the open, the store person took it out of one of those glass display boxes, so I doubt there was any foul play (after all why leave the serial number in if so?)

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    Re: Anybody bought GPO without a dvd in the box?

    Hi wdreams,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds. I can't recall seeing anyone post a similar problem, so congratulations on being the first! Manufacturing mistakes happen I guess.

    If it came from a store display, you're probably in the clear. The serial number, which you have, is your license and the most important part of the product. If you're unable to get a new CD from the store, send an e-mail to support@garritan.com and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out.

    How easily resealable are we talking? If memory serves, my packages have all been shrink-wrapped.


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    Re: Anybody bought GPO without a dvd in the box?

    it is shrink wrapped with the type of fairly thick shrink wrap that can be easily opened/closed, the glue line is on the short side of the dvd case and it is super easy to open and close and when it's closed it looks like brand new; the dvd case does not have those additional thingies that get ripped when you open it.

    I am not going to register the serial # in case they exchange the whole thing (which would have a new serial of course). I am just hoping that this is not the case of somebody returning the product as unopened (since after all it does look new) and having already registered its serial, fingers crossed I guess... I can easily prove to support@garritan.com that I own this as I have the package+receipt, but I of course would like to avoid having to wait for a replacement CD to show up in the mail (also considering I live in Canada)

    I don't want to think bad of the store (as in, store employee taking the product for a 'test drive' and forgetting to put the dvd back in) but in many years of buying software this is the first time I have this happen to me... luckily it was a brick & mortar store and not an online order.

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    Re: Anybody bought GPO without a dvd in the box?

    whee, the store exchanged it, can't wait to get home and install

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